It is important that you have an open discussion with your doctor. Use our guide below:

Ask Questions

Take Notes

Make Decisions

Discuss with Doctors

Bring someone with you who can take notes. If you'd prefer to think about treatment options and then call your doctor with your decision, let your doctor know. Always reach out to your doctor if you need more information or are facing any challenge before or during therapy.

“What to Ask Your Doctor” Guide

Questions to ask your doctor about treating metastatic breast cancer

  1. What is the goal of my treatment?1
  2. What medicines will I be taking? What are the possible side effects?1
  3. Is this the best available treatment for my type of cancer?1
  4. Will my treatment need hospitalization?2
  5. How will you know my treatment is working?3
  6. Will I be getting any radiation or surgery?3
  7. If I don't have Cancer Insurance, are there any financial support options for me?1
  8. Would you recommend any support groups that I can reach out who have gone through a similar experience?1
  9. Are there counsellors who could help me talk to my family?3


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